Pique Sauce
Pique Sauce
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Pique Sauce


What are the main ingredients in Don Ricardo Sauce Co. Pique Sauce?

What is Don Ricardo Sauce Co. Pique Sauce?
​A true Puerto Rican style hot sauce.

What does the No.1 on the neckband mean?
​There are some things that are just best unsaid, this is one of them. But, the story is amazing and it shall come out eventually.

What is the nutritional information for Don Ricardo Sauce Co. Pique Sauce?


What does one put Don Ricardo Sauce Co. Pique Sauce on?
It is simple, put it on anything you like and you will like it even more! Because Don Ricardo Pique Sauce brings
out a foods flavor even more and adding a bold, spicy kick of its own. Put it on everything from Puerto Rican food to Italian, BBQ to salads, seafood to hamburgers, stews to rice and beans, eggs to Bloody Marys! Use it as a marinade and/ or seasoning your food after to ignite your senses. Don Ricardo Original Pique Sauce is inspired by the flavors of the island!

What is the shelf life for Don Ricardo Sauce Co. Pique Sauce?
2 years.

What are the ideal storage conditions for Don Ricardo Sauce Co. Pique Sauce?
​Don Ricardo Sauce Co. Pique Sauce should be stored in a cool place away from direct light, such as a cupboard, pantry or cabinet. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated after opening. Once a bottle of sauce is opened, the color may change, but the product won’t spoil. Refrigeration almost always helps to slow this process but isn’t required.

Where can one purchase Don Ricardo Sauce Co. Pique Sauce?
​Wherever those red sauces are sold, Don Ricardo Pique Sauce should be available. If not please ask the management at your favorite grocery store and/or eatery. They will gladly be able to get it for you.

Can I submit a sponsorship request?
We’re grateful to have so many fans that are enthusiastic about the brand and want to connect us with great products and events. Unfortunately, are not accepting any outside solicitation at this time.

Can you send me promotional merchandise?
If you’re looking to sport some great branded threads or buy other merchandise, your best bet is to visit The Team Pique online store where you can purchase all of the Don Ricardo Sauce Co. great items.

Where can I submit my ideas?
The excitement and enthusiasm our consumers have for our brands is contagious. Thank you for your support! However, any ideas for products, concepts or commercials must come from our paid agencies we work with. Though we know our consumers have great ideas, it would infringe on our contracts with those agencies if we accepted outside ideas. In addition, we want to avoid any misunderstandings about the origin of ideas, concepts, etc. Accordingly, we cannot not accept your submission.

Where can I see reviews of Don Ricardo Original pique Sauce? 




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Pique Sauce
Pique Sauce